“Wait! There’s More!”

episode #529 – OCTOBER 25. 2020

HOST: Lorraine Ball | Roundpeg and Digital Toolbox

What do late night advertising and your marketing have in common?  The goal of both is to keep the customer engaged as you convince them to buy now. 

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Lessons from Late Night Advertising

If you watch late night television, you’ve probably seen infomercials for some random product. In the wee hours of the morning you find yourself watching with interest the demonstration of the  Jack LaLane power juicer.  And as cheesy as the infomercial might be, the format works. People buy Snuggies and Shamwow.

How do these companies keep you watching essentially the same message for 20 or 30 minutes? It boils down to four elements.  And these elements will  work in your marketing too.

  1. Reliance on repetition.  The  same value proposition is presented multiple times throughout the program.
  2. Informal down to earth presentation style
  3. Real people supporting the proposition with testimonials.
  4. And there’s a promise that if you wait, there’s more

As you design landing pages for your website, think about these same four ideas.

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