“Avoid Burnout”

episode #651 – October 28, 2021

GUEST: Linsi Brownson

It is time to stop overworking and under-earning. 

the episode

There is a cycle business owners get trapped in as they start to spiral toward burnout.  Coach Linsi Brownson says the first thing you need to do is recognize, you’re not doing anything wrong.  This is just a phase in your business.

This is actually a really great moment to step back and realign the business, by going back to the drawing board and looking at three things: yourself, your business position and your operations.


Take time to understand your energy capacity  What do you find energizing and what do you find draining. Then look at the lifestyle you want, not just sometime in the future, but now.  Then look for ways to align your business model so that it actually supports you as a person and  your lifestyle


Look at your actual business model to identify your biggest opportunities. Outline the the things you offer which make me the most money, are the most popular with clients and create the biggest impact for customers. Double down on those activities. This is a chance to streamline what you offer so your business is better aligned for the present and the future you want.


Your systems allow you to deliver value without draining your energy. Look for ways to standardize and simplify your operations. Develop processes to free up time and give you back energy so you can deliver the things you promised in an easier and more simplified way.

our guest linsi brownson

About Linsi Brownson
Over 15 years as a designer, brand strategist, creative director and coach,, she has worked with hundreds of small business owners to align their business with the lifestyle they want to have.

She combines mindset, business strategy, leadership, operations, sales, branding and marketing. She takes a holistic coaching approach that meets every business owner exactly where they are at, and supports them in getting to where they want to go.

Linsi is also the host of the Be Brilliant podcast.