“Start a Business”

episode #637 –  September 9, 2021

GUEST: Mal MacCallion

Always go back to your product concept and remember the problem that you are here to solve in order for you to successfully launch and scale your business.

the episode

In today’s conversation, Mal MacCallion, author of  ‘The Launch Handbook discusses the common mistakes and challenges of starting a business.  He says:

  •  If it was easy, everyone would do it.
  • Start with a clear definition of why your business exists.  Who you serve and what problem will you solve.
  • The three most important elements are your product, marketing and sales.  if  you don’t get these right, you won’t need to worry about HR, finance or legal.
  • Set your pricing  to match the rest of your marketing because your pricing says something about your brand.

Our guest Mal MacCallion

Mal MacCallion has spent 30 years in high-growth organizations, becoming increasingly obsessed with the ’elements’ of business which make some SMEs succeed where others fail.

He was part of the teams that launched both Zoopla and Primelocation and, with the experience of growing these businesses to multi-million plus valuations, in 2015 set up Growtion to help SMEs shortcut many issues that they typically face.

Using a strong base of activities around Product, Marketing and Sales, Growtion has helped dozens of startups and scaleups execute their way to success.

Be sure to check out The Growth Execution Academy’s “Launch Program” is the 15-step process to getting your business launched. Mal has offered a 20% discount to our audience.  Simply use the code: DIGITALTOOLBOX when you check out the program.

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