Becoming an Expert in Your Niche

episode #508 – August 13, 2020

GUEST: Mark Dunsmore | GenXY Project

The art of being an expert is to take what you know, and make it as simple as possible for someone who doesn’t know as much as you.

the episode

The best way to become an expert in your niche is not to try to learn everything about your industry.  You don’t have to be a superpower in the industry and teach everything someone needs to know. 

Instead, what it means is having more knowledge than the person who wants to learn from you, and being able to package that up in a way that enables them to progress along their journey

our guest mark dunsmore

In his own words:
In 2014 I’d had enough.
I’d spent 9 years working my way up the career ladder in Real Estate but found myself stuck.

I was still doing what I loved, but I didn’t love what I was doing.

So, I left my safe career, and started my own Real Estate business.

I wanted a business that gave me the freedom to enjoy spending time with my family (wife & 2 kids – both under 6yrs old), having holidays without having to check the staff calendar, play golf midweek during the day rather than having to wait for weekends!

But my new business didn’t give me what I thought it would! I was working longer hours and even when I wasn’t, I was distracted thinking about the business.

It wasn’t the quality of life I was looking for.

But, while I was driving around the country meeting people in my industry, they were asking me to help them build a real estate business.

They wanted to learn what I knew.

So in 2016 I set up my Real Estate investment training business called Goliath Sourcing Academy.

All our content is online, we offer support and coaching via Facebook communities and Zoom calls and we since setting up we have created 12 courses (with new courses in the pipeline), hosted over 80 online workshops and helped over 1500 students start and grow their real estate businesses.

Because our content is online I can now manage my work life balance so I have successful multiple 6 figure businesses whilst still having the time to enjoy going on multiple holidays with my family, doing school pick ups and drop offs and most importantly ;o) playing golf during the day during the week so we can enjoy more quality time at the weekends.

And now I’m looking to help others, just like me, build and scale an online business turning their knowledge, passion and expertise into online info products so they too can have choices in their lives.

And so, in 2020, the GenXY Project was born.

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