To do marketing well is always a challenge. To do it in a heavily regulated industry can seem impossible at times. But with a little creativity and a lot of hard work, you can overcome regulatory hurdles to create innovative marketing that gets results. We’ll be joined by Muhammad Yasin, social media strategist for HCCMIS, a travel health insurance company. Learn how you can make regulations work in your favor.
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Muhammad Yasin is the Social Media Strategist for an international travel medical insurance company.  His social media marketing campaigns reached over 2 million people in 2011. Muhammad’s innovative use of social media in the healthcare industry was nominated for a Mira Award in 2010 as well as being featured as a case study in the book Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day. He was recently recognized as a Rising Star by the Indianapolis Star and by the Indianapolis social marketing community as the most influential Up and Comer of 2011. As an evangelist for the use of social media, Muhammad Yasin regularly publishes tips at as well as making appearances on the topic.