“It Takes More to Get High”

episode #685 – February 13, 2022


Marketing is addicting. You do a little marketing, you get results, you do a little more and suddenly you’re hooked.

the episode

Marketing is addicting. You do a little marketing, you get results, you do a little more and suddenly you’re hooked. You can’t imagine your business surviving without the jolt from your social media, Yellow Page ad, email marketing or whatever you use to get your marketing buzz.

Your addiction isn’t necessarily a bad thing if the marketing activities are generating results. Just remember that when experimenting with any addictive substance, there is a danger of abuse. So how do you manage your marketing habit in a healthy way?

It will take more to get high

As other businesses notice a particular type of marketing is working, they will flock to the tool. For example, 10 years ago, average open rates on emails were routinely 50%; even 70% wasn’t uncommon. Today, your readers are overloaded with email as every one of your competitors has jumped into the email marketing game. The same is true for social media, print, radio and even Google AdWords.

When faced with declining responses, it is easy to fall into the trap of doing more. If one email gets 20% open rate, than 3 will give you the desired 60% right? Not necessarily. As you overload your readers, the decline will accelerate as more people unsubscribe. The same is true if you overload your news feeds on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Share too much, and your total audience declines.

The end result? Advertising overdose.

Like any addict, you have  choices. Some will take a little more work, others a bit of investment or simply more creativity, but there are ways to get a buzz without the risk of an overdose.

Focus on a quality buzz

I would rather savor one excellent glass of Cabernet than drink an entire bottle of Boone’s Farm. So what are you serving up to your readers, fans and prospects?

As you race to create two pieces of shareable content each and every day, not all of your content is the same quality. If readers or fans stumble across the mediocre content too often that is what they are likely to assume is your norm.

Step back, raise your standards and write fewer, better blog posts. Spend the money to create one great visual chart, infographic or photo. Now, every interaction with your brand is more impressive. You may reach fewer people, but those who see it will be more likely to click to learn more. Also, higher quality content is more likely to be shared which will help expand your reach to an entirely different community.

Experiment and vary your drug of choice

Maybe you have always run a full page ad in the Yellow Pages, you have been actively involved in three networking groups, or your email newsletter has been a core part of your marketing for years. I am not suggesting you quit cold turkey. Instead, cut back by 25%. Use the resources to invest in other tools and compare the results. Look at call volume, web traffic, inquires and sales. Make rational decisions about which addictions you want to cultivate.

The bottom line

Embrace the fact that marketing is addicting.  As your business grows, it will take more marketing to generate enough leads to support your larger business. Choose wisely, and you can enjoy the high without the overdose.

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Marketing is addicting.

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