More than a Few Words – Episode: 400

400 Conversations and Counting

August 2, 2019

As we wrap up our first 400 episodes, we thought it would be fun to go back and shares some of our all-time favorite conversations.   


Lorraine Ball


Allison Carter

Jay Mattingly 

Matt Nettleton

Jarred Juett

About the Marketing Podcast

More than a Few Words



Now in its 10th year, More than a Few Words is a marketing conversation with industry leaders and marketing professionals about topics of interest to small business owners. Hosted by Lorraine Ball, the short conversations are lively and fun. 

Over the last 400 episodes we have had so many great conversation it was hard to pick just a few to feature. But here are 4 favorites.

Alison Carter – Position Statements – Why Should I Buy From You?

This is the most popular episode of all time. There are several teachers who link to this conversation in the syllabus of their marketing class, so every year we see the numbers grow. If you are looking for a more “technical” marketing conversation, this is it. 

Jay Mattingly – Ninja Turtles and Disc Profiles

You have probably heard of Disc Profiles, but I can promise, you have never heard them described this way. 

Matt Nettleton – Finding Your Ideal Client

There are two types of clients: The ones you work with because you have to and ideal clients. These are the fun and profitable projects you look forward to and hope to have more of.  Listen to this episode and learn how. 

Jarred Juett – Staying one Step Ahead of the Content Onslaught.

When we recorded this episode more than 4 years ago, it seemed like there was an avalanche of content being created. Well that avalanche hasn’t slowed, so our advice on how to stay on top is as relevant today as it was back then.  


The Complete Episodes

if you enjoyed the previews in the 400th episode, listen to the entire conversations now. 

Why Should I Buy From You?

by Allison Carter

Ninja Turtles and Disc Profiles

by Jay Mattingly

Marketing Tips and Trends

Never miss another conversation with marketing pros and industry leaders.  

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