“Step Away from Social Media”

episode #687 –  February 17, 2022

GUEST: Megan Brame

Leaving social media platforms can be terrifying for digital marketers, but it may also help you grow your business.

the episode

If you are like me, you probably spend a lot of time on social media. While these tools are helpful, are they the best resource for your business?

My guest, Megan Brame has eliminated both her Facebook and Instagram profiles. How is she generating leads? By going back to basics, relying on word of mouth, phone calls and email.

our guest Megan Brame

Megan Brame  is a 5x award-winning entrepreneur, author, and Advanced Digital Marketing Strategist. She helps entrepreneurs develop value-based marketing initiatives that create ride-or-die customers for life.  She is also the host of  Stop Sucking at Business Podcast


Megan Brame - Stop sucking at business

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