“Which Social Media is Right for You”

episode #609-  June 24, 2021

GUEST: Megan Brame 

The last thing you want to do is create a zombie profile on any social media platform.  

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Social media can be overwhelming, because it seems as if there is a new platform every week.  So, as a small business owner how do you decide which social media platform is right for you?

Our guest Megan Brame suggests you commit to just a few so you avoid creating Zombie accounts that seem to stumble around with no real life Start with your ideal customer.  Once you understand that person, then  look at the social media platforms they use and how they would use that platform.

On Instagram, for example, people go there for inspiration and aspiration. They are looking for beautiful images. but they’re not going there for education. They’re not going there for app development. So, if that is your business, Instagram is not worth your time.

What you should be doing if you have a business that is not visual? Use a platform where it’s the lowest hanging fruit for you to be.  Go where it’s your ideal customer is going for the reason that you are running a business


our guest megan brame

Megan Brame  is a 5x award-winning entrepreneur, author, and Advanced Digital Marketing Strategist. She helps entrepreneurs develop value-based marketing initiatives that create ride-or-die customers for life.  She is also the host of  Stop Sucking at Business Podcast

Megan Brame Which social media platform

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