“Change Your Sales Process with 4 Words”

episode #694 –  March 8, 2022

GUEST: Merit Kahn

Stop Selling and Start Getting Selected

the episode

According to our guest Merit Kahn, it is one thing to be really well versed in what you’re going to say to a prospect and how you’re going to go through your sales process but you need to engage the prospect.

If you are having your best presentation ever, but the person that you’re talking to is not open to hearing new ideas it won’t matter how great your solution is the conversation isn’t going to end well.

She suggests you begin any conversation by confirming your audience was open to receiving your message with four simple words:  “Are you open to … ?”  The phrase is so simple, yet so powerful.

our guest Merit Kahn

Merit Kahn describes herself this way:

  • CEO of SELLect Sales Development. Sales & Business Development expert.
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence expert.
  • Certified Speaking Professional.
  • Entrepreneur since 1998.
  • Author.
  • Stand-up comedian.
  • Writer, producer and performer of a one-woman inspiring comedy show.
  • Single mom of a teen
stop selling and start getting selected merit kahn

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