“Your Message Matters”

episode #697 –  March 17, 2022

GUEST: Jonathan Milligan

Stop trying to outsell the competition, and start trying to out teach them instead. 

the episode

If you have something to say, you may be frustrated as you try to get that message out to the right people. Our guest, Jonathan Milligan shares some tips on how you can rise above the noise so prospective customers hear what you have to say. 

Often what prevents people from hearing your message, or taking time to figure out if they want to buy from you is the fact that they may not believe they can use your product or service.  If you want to get heard, and sell more, you need to start by addressing this  belief and out teaching the competition instead of trying to out sell them. 


our guest Jonathan Milligan

Jonathan Milligan is an author of Your Message Matters: How to Rise Above the Noise and Get Paid for What You Know.

He is also a blogger, speaker, and online business coach. He has spent the last decade guiding and directing creative professionals on how to pursue meaningful work. Since 2009, Jonathan has run his own portable lifestyle business online.

Today he teaches others how to build a business with their passion, story, or message. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with his wife, Charity, and their two kids.


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