“You Are Not Your Business”

episode #577 –  March 25, 2021

GUEST: Michael Reynolds | Elevation Financial

As a business owner, sometimes it is hard to figure out where your business ends and you begin.

the episode

It can be challenging to create a separation between your identity and your business, but it is incredibly important for your health and the health of your business. 

Our guest Michael Reynolds says that too often, small business owners feel as if their identity is their business.  They work long hours,  often sacrificing family and personal priorities for the business. Customer feedback and the success or problems they have in their business, become tightly integrated with their personal kind of mental state.  

Not only is this a challenge day to day, but this lack of separation also prevents you from thinking and planning for your end game.

our guest michael reynolds

Michael is an independent financial advisor and owner of Elevation Financial.

IHe believes that it’s fundamentally important to learn to take control of your money because money touches every part of our lives and is the foundation that supports and empowers our life decisions both large and small.

Michael is a sushi lover, Star Trek nerd, and firmly in defense of one space after a period.

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