Why Does Your Business Exist?

episode #872 –  July 20, 2023

GUEST: Mike Wittenstein

Your reason for being isn’t really yours.  It belongs to your customers.

the episode

The French say raison d’être.  It means reason to exist. It can apply to your life or your business. 

So how do you explain the raison d’être of your business? If you answered to make money, you are missing the point. That may be why your own a business, but the business exists to create value for your customers.

In this conversation with Mike Wittenstein we look at the value you create, who you create it for, and what the customer will ultimately do with  your product or service .Mike  says those three elements comprise your “reason for being” which can become the North Star, or guiding principal for your business.

What is Your Unique Position? 

Transforming your value into a marketing message begins with a position statement. Use this workbook to develop your unique position statement.

our guest mike wittenstein

Mike is a 5-time professional services entrepreneur and IBM’s former eVisionary. Global business/creative executive who speaks four languages. Leaders, Chiefs of Staff and Boards call on Mike to help them find profitable opportunities, sharpen their ideas, win support from their teams, and create more value for their customers. An expert at defining “what’s next” through stories, Mike is a popular in-person and virtual speaker, podcast guest, blogger, and media contributor.