“Anatomy of a Perfect Home Page”

episode #195  May 5 2014

GUEST: Jarred Juett

the episode

Your homepage web design is the first thing most audiences see when they find your business. Most modern web design strategy is focused around crafting engaging homepages which display well on mobile devices, entice interested consumers to interact with your site and provide a maximum amount of information with minimal clutter. 

While there is no one perfect design, there are strategies you should consider as you update your home page. Listen as we discus what works well for different types of businesses and how you can leverage your web design strategy to support your sales process.

  • Your homepage needs to be readable across many devices. Make sure it’s responsive and sensible.
  • Some companies only need one well designed homepage to convert customers. Others need multiple pages behind an engaging homepage.
  • It’s important to understand where in the sales process your audience is when landing on your homepage. What extra information do they need?
  • Modern design is sleek and streamlined. Goodbye sliders and banners – Hello beautiful hero images and clear calls to action.

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