How do you train young entrereneurs?   Long before the internet, budding entrepreneurs sold Lemonade.   On street corners all across the country, on sunny days, you could find them with paper cups, cardboard signs and pitchers of lemonade.   Today a national movement runs programs to bring back this old style entrepreneurship.  In Indianapolis, Lemonade Day will be  Saturday May 19th.
Part of the promotion for the event is the Lemonade Stand Blog, featuring the stories of many of our cities leading entrepreneurs, telling tales about their early adventures in business.   Stephanie Eppich Daily, ( )  the voice behind that blog will be our guest, talking about the program and her own adventures as an entrepreneur and social media consultant.
Do you have any comments or questions? Call in during the show at (805) 285 -9865 or drop us a comment on Twitter. Direct the comment to @roundpeg or use the hashtag #MTFW so we are sure to see your remarks.  The call will be live from 10:30 – 11:00 Wednesday, April4. You will be able to listen to the program from our station on