There is an huge  community of educated and influential women who have chosen to stay home with their young kids. Unlike previous generations, these women are not willing to disconnect from the business world.  They use social media and blogs to stay connected.
I was introduced to  this community through my work with Plow Digital.  We were hired to build a strong social media presence for several of their children’s  iPhone app ( Giggle Bear ).  Along the way, I have had a chance to meet and connect with some amazing women.  This group, often referred to as “mom bloggers” are extremely influential in a community with significant purchasing power.
Unlike “business” bloggers these women share a lot more of who they are in their posts. You really get to know them, their kids and their families. It is a different style of blogging.  For someone like me, who tends to be more business oriented in my posts, this took a little getting used to.  But, once I dove into the community, I have really enjoyed the change of pace.
Do not underestimate these  “mom bloggers”.  They  are serious about their businesses.  The best, are actively sought by marketers and product placement companies, earning cash and other benefits for their endorsements.  Want to learn more?  Join us on  Wednesday Aug 3rd as we talk to   Michelle McNally (@gotchababy) and Heather Sokol (@justheather) about her blogging experiences and how marketers can reach this growing community. Also joining the conversation is Cami Back, the co-founder of GetMomsOut a site dedicated to creating happier, healthier, wealthier moms.
If you missed the program you can listen to the recorded version here: