Everyone is busy, especially small business owners. It’s just the nature of the beast. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t effectively manage your time in a way that gets things done. In fact, Robby Slaughter and Michael Reynolds are going to join the the Roundpeg crew and share their productivity suggestions. Both are experts in using time effectively.
During the lively conversation we talked about productivity tools and Rowe (Results Only Work Environments) If you missed the program you can listen to the entire program here.

About our guests:

headshot robby slaughter small for web
Robby Slaughter is the founder of Slaughter Development , a workflow and productivity consulting company. He focuses exclusively on assessing workflow challenges, helping stakeholders to design and develop new business processes, and implement systematic, stakeholder-driven changes throughout the organization.

Reynolds Michael
Michael is President/CEO of SpinWeb, a leading web solutions firm specializing in content management and content marketing, as well as a quality management consultant at ROWE Consulting Services. He specializes in speaking about productivity, marketing and technology.