“Take the Fear Out of Networking”

episode #620 –  July 22, 2021

GUEST: Sean Tyler Foley

Do you find yourself uttering the networking prayer before each event?  Please let me find someone to buy my product? There’s a better way.

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If the thought of attending a networking event leaves you shaking with fear, our guest Sean Tyler Foley has some advice for you.

  • Stop looking for your next potential client.  Flip the script and look for people you can help.
  • Instead of worrying about your opening pitch, practice some opening questions.
  • When you are asking questions, you have the power to control the conversation.
  • When asked what you do, create a story, not a pitch.

Look for more networking tips in the resource library of the Digital Toolbox

our guest sean tyler foley

Sean Tyler Foley is an accomplished film and stage performer and has been acting in film and television since he was 6 years old after his father passed away suddenly in a motor vehicle accident. He has appeared in productions including Freddy Vs Jason, Door to Door, Carrie, and the musical Ragtime. Tyler is passionate about helping others confidently take the stage and impact an audience with their stories. He is currently the Managing Director of Total Buy In and author of the #1 best-selling book The Power to Speak Naked.

Tyler is a father, husband, son, and performer, in that order. Some days he feels like he has dabbled in every industry on the planet, from oil and gas, to aviation, to film and television, but that diverse experience is what has made him so versatile!

Regardless of the industry or the titles he has held, what they all had in common was promoting and encouraging people to be heard and understood. The skills and resources he has garnered along the way have enabled him to become an entertaining professional speaker and a knowledgeable trainer, who inspires others to reach for their dreams.

With his distinct and direct style, Tyler is emerging as one of North America’s sought-after leaders in the field of public speaking for personal and professional development and would welcome the opportunity to be on your show and discuss the lessons he has learned and the grace he has discovered in each event of his life!

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