“Are You Next Door”

episode #565 -MARCH 25 2021

HOST: Lorraine Ball | Roundpeg and Digital Toolbox

Running a local business?  Then you need to be hanging out on Next Door. 

the episode

Are you hanging out next door? I don’t mean, are you visiting your neighbors.  I am talking about the social media platform Next Door. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, Next Door is a location based message board which allows neighbors to post information. You can see information  on garage sales , lost pets and neighborhood news.

The catch?  it will display information only from people who are in your neighborhood or surrounding neighborhoods so you won’t see information posted by your mother if she lives in another state.

You can list your business on Next Door. But the pages work more like Yelp than Facebook.  There are no friends or followers.  Consumers can give you recommendations and comments but there are very strict policies about commercial businesses posting into the newsfeed. 

Right now the advertising options are very limited and they are very expensive. So you are probably wondering if you can’t post status updates and you can’t advertise should you be on next door?  If you have a consumer based service, you should at least establish a beachhead, get involved and start looking at how the platform works. As it grows you need to be on the leading edge. Looking For more helpful tools. Be sure to check out all resources Digitaltoolboxin.com

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