episode #496- July 2, 2020

GUEST: Simon Efroymson

Some web hosting firms are definitely better than others.  

the episode

Some web hosting firms are definitely better than others.  While they were once your very best choice, these days we find ourselves saying No Daddy to GoDaddy.

Let’s take a look at the problems that we’ve faced using GoDaddy, and go over different hosting options that are likely to give you a better experience.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Chances are, GoDaddy isn’t the best option for a hosting company.

our guest

Marketing can be a tough business. But, for someone who’s spent time working on a political campaign trail like Simon, life at Roundpeg is a piece of cake!

Simon is Roundpeg’s Web Support Specialist, which is simpler than calling him our Swiss Army Knife. Simon is in charge of providing web updates, customer support and solving web-related problems in addition to other tasks aimed at putting out random fires throughout the day and overall making the rest of our lives that much easier.

But this ginger kid from Indy is anything but ordinary. He’s the proud poppa to brother and sister munchkin cats – Gunther and Gir – and, despite losing the hearing in his left ear, is still an accomplished musical artist of stringed instruments from cello, bass, guitar, ukulele and even mandolin in addition to producing and DJing electronic music. Crazy, right?

This Indiana University grad also has experience as a people-pleaser working at the Jewish Community Center in Indy and would love nothing more than a weekend road trip back to Bloomington, if only just to sit and have a couple brews at Quaff On!

But, above all else, Simon is what you’d call a full-fledged Trekkie – Picard and Next Generation all the way! 

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