You have spent months working on your company’s blog posts, but no one seems to be reading them. The topics are interesting internally but may not be what your audience is looking for or interested in reading. How do you find the right subject matter to bring your customers in and keep them reading week in and week out?
This week, Jarred and Lorraine talk about some of the reasons readers are not flocking to your site. You’ll hear their go-to tips for hunting down interesting topics, listening to the current social conversation for inspiration, and using your blog to answer customer questions. Much like building personal relationships with your customers, blog readers want to read about your company’s human element. It’s time to take control of the conversation on your website and win readers back.


  • Your audience will tell you what they want to hear from you- don’t be afraid to ask.
  • Competitors are a treasure trove of interesting topics. Monitor their daily buzz.
  • Get into the social conversation and research what people are searching for in their networks.
  • Use your customer service successes as fuel for your blog. Answer the questions that customers are asking.

More than a Few Words is a marketing podcast produced by Roundpeg