“Overcoming the Content Hurdle”

episode #528 –  October 22, 2020

GUEST: Colin Gray | The Podcast Host & Alitu

Business owners have a million ideas.  The trick is transforming those ideas into action. 

the episode

This week we explore overcoming the content hurdle. 

It’s not hard usually, to convince people that content is a good idea, whether it’s a podcast, whether it’s a blog, a video channel.  The hard part is getting them to stick to the routine, because it is the consistency that really builds your audience.

People are always fine for the first month, maybe even two months, but then then novelty wears off .  The trick is finding a way to create a regular process of creating content.

Building the routine starts with a plan.  Think of one topic, and then start breaking it down into smaller and smaller bites.  Instead of trying to write one post that coves everything you know on a topic write five related posts addressing different aspects of the same topic.

When it comes to the tools, simpler is better.  Look for easy to use all in one tools like Alitu, an all in one platform for podcasting


our guest colin gray

Colin Gray is a podcaster, speaker, PhD and founder of The Podcast Host and Alitu. The Podcast Host is a huge resource on running a successful show, including a full guide on How to start a Podcast.

Alitu is a web app that helps you make your podcast, automating cleanup and branding, and assisting with editing. It makes podcasting quick and easy!

Consistency will help you in overcoming the content hurdle

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