“Ditch the Pitch”

episode #468 – April 10, 2020

GUEST: Patty Farmer | Marketing, Media & Money

At a networking event,asking good question and listening to the answers is more important than pitching. Listen now!



the episode

The next time you go to a networking event, ready to launch into your hard sell pitch, stop and try something new. Don’t ask the same tired questions. Instead, our guest Patti Farmer suggests three quick questions which will help you quickly qualify each conversation, so you know who to follow up with and how.
Next time you are at a networking event start the conversation by asking these questions: 
1) Who do you serve?
2) What should I tell other people about you?
3) What do you do differently then everyone else?  

KEY TAKEAWAY: Be prepared to answer them if someone ask you. 

our guest patty farmer

Patty Farmer is an award-winning Marketing & Media Strategist, International Speaker, Podcast Host, Magazine Publisher, and Event Producer.  She works with small business owners, entrepreneurs, & speakers to attract and convert their ideal clients so they can make a big impact in the world, and bigger deposits in their bank account.

Patty believes we all have a message and her mission is to help them master their marketing, leverage the media, and monetize their business in a way that creates transformation for both them and their clients while designing a lifestyle they want to live.


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