How to successfully work with your spouse

episode #510 – August 20, 2020

GUEST: Paul Tompkins | Flippin Experts

Working with your spouse requires a bit of planning and a willingness to put their needs first. 

the episode

People often ask me if I work with my husband.  And I politely explain that I would rather remain married, than try to navigate that challenging path.  But my guest, Paul Tompkins explains how to do both.  

It boils down to a few simple strategies. 

  1. It requires patience and a willingness to put the other person ahead of you
  2. Separate work from family and not allow work to bleed into other parts of your life. 
  3. Set up a daily plan that may not start and end at the same time. 

Final Tip: If you are going to head down this path, be sure it is something you both want. 

our guest

Paul Tompkins, CEO of Flippin Experts and Tranquility Realty, is a successful entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, speaker and coach. He learned firsthand how difficult and confusing it can be to start a business and keep it growing exponentially without the right tools! Paul used his determination coupled with years of experience developing business to quickly build a 7 figure real estate empire. Paul’s passion is to inspire others to think bigger and set higher goals to succeed in real estate, business, and life!