“Personalize Automated Messages”

episode #477 – May 1, 2020 

GUEST: Ellen McDowell | Your Social Butterfly

Make your automated communication feel authentic and personal by using words and phrases that are naturally part of your speech pattern. 

the episode

The problem with automated marketing is that well, it feels automated. There’s a not quite human sound to the way those emails and chat bots respond to questions from real customers. Your challenge is to humanize your automated marketing and make those communications sound like they come from you.

To help us discover how to personalized automated marketing messages to bring people to you we invited Ellen McDowell, the founder of Ellen McDowell, Your Social Butterfly to join us.

She says the key is to make sure that you are speaking authentically, using your language  you normally would use. Don’t rely on the templates that your software tools are providing. Use text from emails or simply imagine a conversation with a potential customer and use the same words in your automated chat response or email that you would use if you were face to face.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Imagine you are talking with a customer as you write your automated responses. 

our guest

Ellen McDowell is the founder of Ellen McDowell – Your Social Butterfly. She is a Certified Keap Partner, Certified Constant Contact Solution Provider, Member of the LaCapitale Chapter ABWA, a Certified Professional Speaker, and proud Chapter Leader in Baton Rouge for the Women’s Prosperity Network.

She speaks regionally to small business owners and entrepreneurs on best practices for incorporating email and social media marketing. She is also an oenophile and avid LSU Superfan – GEAUX Tigers!

Ellen has been a frequent guest on More than a Few Words, and you can find our earlier conversations here. Are you the One? and The One Philosophy ( Part Two)

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