Let’s face it we all want to feel special. In any interaction, we want to feel that the other person is focused on us, our needs and our concerns. This internal focus of customers actually presents an opportunity for businesses and marketing professionals who are willing to learn more about their customers and use this information in targeted marketing campaigns.  
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With more data at our fingertips, it is easier than ever to create personalized marketing on every platform from social media and email to direct mail and one-to-one selling. But it can feel a little hollow if you don’t also adjust your attitude and really focus on each individual interaction. Author Nancy Matthews outlines how to approach both personal and professional interactions with a single-minded focus on the individual. She calls it the “One Philosophy
I was introduced to the One Philosophy by Ellen McDowell the founder of Ellen McDowell – Your Social Butterfly. We talked about the first three principals and how small business owners can apply them throughout their business but particularly on social media.  

The Principals of the One Philosophy

Talk less and listen more. It sounds simple, but it is harder than you think to put your ego in check and let others take the lead. But it pays off. You often hear people compliment someone by saying they’re a good listener. Have you ever heard someone say they liked a person because they were a good talker?
Adopting this approach requires you to ask lots of questions and pay attention to the answers and the comments on your posts. When you acknowledge people, you will find yourself having higher quality conversations and more interactions with people and your information will be shared more frequently. It also means following and interacting with other subject matter experts so you become regarded as a source of good information and not just an advertising channel for your own content. 
Hold your vision and share it with others – Define the purpose for your business and your activity on social media. When every post supports an overall vision, you are more likely to attract like-minded people. As your specific messages resonate with them, they are more likely to return again and again and be invested in helping you succeed. This will help you attract both customers and potential employees who will be interested in working for a company who presents values and a vision they want to be a part of. 
Exhibit Exemplary Behavior and Attitude – As social media becomes increasingly more negative and divisive, companies need to take the high road. Avoid bashing competitors or getting into nasty interactions on social media. Be the person your grandmother would be proud of.
If you want to learn more about how to apply these first three principals to your personalized marketing plan check out the podcast episode.