As a follow up to my post about this topic at Mixwest we decided to spend a little time talking about the impact of pictures in your marketing.
We talked about the importance of imagery and visual content in your overall marketing strategy and how to use image-focused social media applications like Instagram and Pinterest to reach a larger audience through pictures and tagging. We also touched on easy ways to create your own visual content such as infographics out of written content you already own.

  • Don’t wait to kick off your visual content strategy. You have a camera in your pocket. Start taking pictures and adding them to your blog post.
  • Look for free stock images and add your own captions.
  •  Make the pictures relevant to your audience. Make the pictures work as hard as your words.

The bottom line? A picture can covey so much at a glance. The research shows the human brain can process and understand a picture 60,000 times faster than the written word. Are you using images in your blog posts to get the message across?
You’ll need to make sure you’re blogging before jumping into a visual strategy. Check out all the reasons to blog for your business today:
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