Random Strangers to Raving Fans

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PART 1: Everything Starts With Content

Your prospects have questions.  If you want to capture their attention, you need to offer the answers in your content on social media and your website. And you can’t rely on superfical, generic AI generated aswers if you want to stand out.  To win search you must build pages which answer questions as  specifically and completely as possible using language people are likely to use in their search.

Answer the Questions

But what are the questions?  And do you have copy that answers the most common questions?


After you watch the video, be sure to download the search intent workbook and question evaluation spreadsheet to map out your content plan.

  • Complete the exercise in the Searcher Intent Workbook. DOWNLOAD THE WORKBOOK
  • Outline several questions for each stage of your prospects journey.
  • Identify three pages which receive the most traffic. Does each page answer common questions? If not rewrite the page
Video - Engage with Content


Who Are You Talking To?

Before you can begin creating content, you need to define who you are talking to.  Understanding your ideal client and what is important to them will help you create relevent and compelling messages   In this video, you will see how companies in the same industry can take very different approaches to connecting with visitors. 


  • After you watch the video, be sure to download the Ultimate Guide to Web Copy workbook  
  • Next define your idea client and their pain points to keep in mind as you are developing content to engage visitors. 
Video - Words Matter


More than Written Content

While written content is critical it is not the best type of content in every application. Busy people on the go or simply scrolling through a feed on social media don’t always have time to stop and read your messages. Your content plan should include other types of content as well:

Videos & Podcasts
Video gives everything more life, more visibility and, in some cases, is the easiest form of content to consume. And it doesn’t always need for a person in front of a camera. It can take the form of animation, transcribed soundbites or recorded power point presentations like many of the videos in this course. Audio only recordings make wonderful podcasts as well.

Long-form works incredibly well, when relevant, but as we’ve seen with TikTok and YouTube Shorts, short snappy content attracts attention on social media. One trick is to record long episodes then use a tool like OPUS PRO to create those short, sharable snippets. According to one study consumers are 39% more likely to share video content so your video may receive a wider reach.

Photography & Graphics 

Photos and graphic design, illustration, infographics, and other forms of imagery are great standalone pieces on social media platforms, but they can also enhance other forms of content. When possible avoid boring overused stock photography or enhance the stock image with some customization of your own.


Make a list of topics to cover in short video. As a starting point consider answering several of your FAQ’s identified in the first segment of this course.

Video - Content is More than Words


PART 2: Make Web Visitors Feel Welcome

No one designs a website to deliberately turn off clients, prospects, and search engines.  Unfortunately, all too often that is the result.

Take a good look at your website. Are you welcoming visitors and turning them into prospects or turning them off and sending them away to find your competitors?  Is your website out of date, hard to navigate, or missing critical elements? If so, you run the risk of disappointing visitors and missing out on sales opportunities

First Impressions Matter

First impressions matter and when it comes to your website, you need to make that impression quickly.  In the first few seconds your website has to prove to visitors they have come to the right place.   


  • After you watch the video, be sure to download the web audit workbook.   DOWNLOAD THE WORKBOOK   Refer to it thoughout the course and even after you are done. Make notes on areas of improvment 

More Resources :

Podcast Interview – Capture the Attention of Web Visitors with Wayne Mullins ( Run Time 8:55) It isn’t enough to drive traffic to your website.  You need to engage visitors when they arrive.  In this brief podcast Wayne shares his top three reasons your website isn’t doing anything to actually grow your business and his simple formula to improve your site – LISTEN NOW

Video - Design Matters


Drive Action on Every Page

Every page on your website should have a specific purpose and clear next step. Sometimes that purpose is to connect the visitor to more information. Other times, the purpose is to collect contact information so you can direct more specific and relevant messages to prospects. To decide what the first step should be, think about the role your website plays in your sales process.


  • After you watch the video, be sure to download the Web Priority Guide  Use this workbook clarify the purpose of your website and individual pages. Once you complete the exercises, it will be easier to write compelling content to drive prospects through your website.
  • Listen to the interview with Sam Moss who explains  even if you have a flashy website that looks great, with some really cool cool pictures, and you spent a ton of money on it if it is missing  strong call to action such as “call now”, “get a quote” or “schedule an appointment” you are wasting your time.  LISTEN NOW


Video - Engage Visitors


PART 3: Convert Visitors to Prospects

In the last section we talked about every page having a clear next step.  While not every page will drive people into your pipeline, there is a right time to make a specific offer in exchange for their contact information.

What Should Your Offer Be?

While every business will have different relevant offers a few rules hold accross the board: 

  • Short and easy to consume
  • Simple to create
  • Leave the prospect wanting more.


  • Download a copy of the Conversion Guide Workbook
  • Review the list of suggested offers in the video and in the workbook.
  • Make a list of 2 – 3 offers that you can create to fuel your landing page.
Video - What Should You Offer

Build Landing Pages to Drive Conversion

A dedicated, promotion-specific landing page is designed for a specific marketing campaign. This lead generation page should have one objective, to get a visitor to give you their address so you have permission to continue the conversation. 

While there are many variations for the design of a landing page, a few basic rules apply to almost every situation.

  • Clear and concise headlines
  • Remember the reinforcing content to support your offer
  • Simple layout, limit navigation
  • Only ask for information you mut have
  • Use commanding language in your button.


  • Create your first landing page. Ideally it should be part of your website, but many third party tools like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp or Hubspot and Unbounce can also be helpful as you build your page.
  • Listen to the interview with Jennie Wright and Alyson Lex say  your page has to grab their attention right away and that’s a combination of how the page looks and the copy that’s on the page. We buy with emotion and justify with logic, so the page needs to feed both parts of the customer.  LISTEN NOW
Video - Landing Page Design


PART 4: Stay Connected with Email

Email picks up where your other marketing leaves off, helping you to move connections through your sales funnel, converting them to leads, customers, and ultimately raving fans.  In addition to newsletters auto- response campaigns deliver just the right information, at the right time freeing you to focus on higher quality interactions.

Introduction to Email


Email picks up where your other marketing leaves off, helping you to move connections through your sales funnel, converting them to leads, customers, and ultimately raving fans. Often abused and overused, email has gotten a bad reputation. But if done well, email delivers extraordinary and cost-effective returns.

Auto- response campaigns deliver just the right information, at the right time freeing you to focus on higher quality interactions.


  • Select one of the conversion forms from your website and outline an auto response campaign for submissions.
  • Review the Campaign best practices and examples of different types of campaigns before you finalize your first program.


  • Email Success Workbook – DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE – This is a great overview of email marketing best practices
  • Ready to put what you learned into action?  Sign up for a FREE Trial of Constant Contact with Email Automation Tools
Video - Automation Overview

Evergreen Content

These emails will be delivered when someone completes a submission form .That may be next week, next month or next years to keep the content limited to information that is unlikely to become obsolete.

  • Keep the content brief – You will be sending a series of messages, you do not need to say everything in the first email. Keep it short and people will be more willing to open the next email you send.
  • Match the timing to the rhythm of your business. If you have a long buying cycle you can send emails every few weeks. It you have a short cycle, you may want to collapse your schedule.
  • Every email should have one specific call to action.
Video - Automation Best Practice


Types of Campaigns

Email campaigns can support many aspects of your sales and marketing program. Four of the most common applications are:

  • Lead Nurturing
  • Prospect Engagement
  • Customer On-Boarding
  • Customer Retention

Watch one or all four of the following videos to learn more about using email for specific purposes

Video - Lead Nurturing


Video - Prospect Engagment


Video - On Boarding


Video - Customer Retention


PART 5: Measure and Start Again

Measure Your Marketing

Would you hire an employee, pay them a salary and never check on their work, never set goals or measure performance? Of course not! Whether you work for a large company or a small business you have a limited amount of money to spend on salary, and you use performance measures to gauge whether you money is being well spent.

While most business owners understand this idea when it comes to employees, they don’t see that it applies equally well to their marketing. In a very real way, the $10,000 – $100,000 you are spending on marketing is like hiring another employee. Marketing metrics help you figure out if the money is being well spent. For every marketing investment you should have a specific objective or goal and a metric.

Every element of your marketing campaign should be measured. These resources will help you get started

Measurement Resources


  • For every marketing investment you should have a specific objective and a metric. Use the Marketing Metric Worksheet to outline your objectives and your measurement strategy
  • Discover how you can use information to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns with our Email Metrics Workbook
  • Bonus:  Podcast Interiew – Why People UnsubscribeYou work hard to build your email list and it is painful  to see your subscribers leave, but that is part of the natural cycle of email marketing. Why do they leave? Our guest Emily McGuire   says it boils down to one of three simple reasons.
    1. There’s the natural sort of progression of interest in your brand. Maybe they have purchased your product or no longer need your product.  In that case your messages are no longer relevant.
    2. There’s also the content overwhelm.  These days our inboxes are flooded.  So if you are contributing to that flood without adding real value your readers are going to unsubscribe.
    3. Your readers feel tricked. They signed up to receive one thing, then you send them a string of unrelated pieces of content.  This happens when we hyper focus on the open rate as the baseline metric


PART 6: Next Steps – Your Journey Has Just Begun

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