This is Random Strangers to Raving Fans ,  self-paced program to help you use digital marketing tools to move prospects effectively through your sales funnel.

Constructed with business owners, like you in mind, we’ve divided the process into short topics assignments, allowing you to focus on just one section at a time.

Learn on your schedule

The course is divided into five main sections. Each lesson includes a quick tip, and other resources such as a worksheet, podcast or short video.  There is usually an assignment to put what you learn into practice. Take the course from start to finish, or jump around and dive into specific topics as you need them.

What’s Included

14 Short Videos

8 Worksheets

10 Podcast Episodes


Marketing Strategist, Lorraine Ball


  • Connect with Content

  • Engage with Your Website

  • Convert with Offers

  • Stay Connected with Email

  • Measure Your Results