“Raise Your Price”

episode #576 –  March 22, 2021

GUEST: Robin Waite | Fearless Business 

You are not charging enough for your products.

the episode

This week we explore…

If you are like most business owners you make the mistake of looking at your competitors for guidance on pricing. Unfortunately, they probably don’t know any more about pricing than you do.

Why don’t business owners charge more for their products and services? Guest Robin Waite believes it is usually it is fear that holds them back. His advice is simple, you need to get over your fear and raise your price.

our guest robin waite

Robin is the founder of Fearless Business, a Business Accelerator for Coaches, Consultants and Freelancers.

Having spent 12 year’s running a digital marketing business, Robin pivoted in 2016 to focus on the part of his business he liked the best; training business owners how to be better in business. In 2016 Robin founded Fearless Business, a unique Business Growth Accelerator for Coaches, Consultants and Freelancers so help free them from the sales cycle of doom!