“Use Data to Drive Content”

episode #696 –  March 15, 2022

GUEST: Ryan Sullivan

People will often say one thing and do something entirely different.  Data helps you make decisions based on customer behavior

the episode

According to our guest, Ryan Sullivan, modern day marketers understand that the buying journey is not linear. so the content on your website should speak to every aspect of the buying journey.  This creates a strong network effect on your website as you align your content with the search behavior of your target audiences.

It is important to remember what people say, and what they actually do are not the same. That’s why it is important to have data tools which monitor actual search behavior instead of relying just on anecdotal information to drive your content topics

our guest Ryan Sullivan

Ryan describes himself as a servant leader with a strong desire to help others achieve success. Lifelong learner eager to exchange wisdom and add value to others.

Imperfect husband, grateful father, recovering Iron Man athlete, aspiring trail runner.


Ryan Sullivan

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