Getting customers to call is the first step. But closing the sale may require more than one conversation, so what do you do next? Do you have a plan for taking the next steps to follow up with your potential customers? In this episode, Lorraine and Jarred discuss different ways small business owners should follow up after a positive sales call. You’ll learn all of the different methods for reaching back out and continuing the conversation, from additional calls to targeted, strategic emails. This episode is intended to give you the framework to develop your own sales follow-up process.

  • Staying connected with a hot lead is a must. Send a follow-up message with helpful tips related to the current problem and offer to field additional calls.
  • Don’t be afraid of direct mail! Receiving an informational flier or “Thank You” note will go a long way in earning trust with the client.

More than a Few Words is a marketing podcast produced by Roundpeg