Marketing is great, but sometimes you have to sell something.

If you are like me, you didn’t go into business to be a salesperson, that just happened along the way. So you could probably use a few simple sales tips, and this collection is just what you need.  Some of my favorite conversations with sales coaches and networking professionals.

a few of my favorite conversations about sales tips and networking strategies


Sales Professional Matt Nettleton

#448 Have Fun Storming the Castle

A cold call should not feel like an attack on a medieval castle

Denise Praul

#452 Turn Relationships Into Revenue

Instead of trying to sell to prospects use introductions and referrals to invite them to buy from you. 

Allan Langer Square

#550 Let Sales and Marketing Work Together

Sales and marketing teams should not be in competition.  Companies succeed when these teams  work together. 

Sam von Tobel

#427 Strategic Relationship

We all have lots of contacts, but only a small, select few are true strategic relationships for us in our business. T

Healthy Networking Habits

I love networking, do you?

We’ve all met someone who abuses networking. Networking addicts show up at events with no planning or forethought, indiscriminately handing out business cards like candy, hoping they come home with a sale. In most cases, they don’t make any sales—they just wake up with a networking hangover!

Healthy networking- like all good marketing- begins with a plan. This workbook outlines a process to create a plan to feed your need for referrals in a healthy, respectful way.

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