“Spark a Conversation with Content”

episode #760  Aug 16, 2022

GUEST: Scott Murray

Share the content others are afraid of sharing. 

the episode

Scott Murray thinks today’s marketers have to stop selling, promoting and clinging to outdated strategies and tactics.  Instead they need to create content to spark engagement,  conversation and inspiration from their audience.

As we’ve moved from print to digital, control has shifted from the marketer to the consumer.  They decide when they will stop and look at your content and when they will scroll right by.  To earn their attention,  you need to put the right content on the right platforms.

Don’t be afraid to share information.  The best content answers the questions prospects have when they are ready to buy.

In this conversation Scott shares insights on creating content that resonates with the audience, encourages engagement, and ultimately builds trust. The episode concludes with practical tips on generating content ideas, the significance of transparency, and the value of being human-centric in marketing.

our guest Scott Murray

With 20 years of experience in content marketing and production – which evolved from print to video, podcast & social media, Scott is the host of the GET THE MESSAGE podcast.