Tell Me a Story!

If you want to be good at sales, you need to be a good storyteller, engaging your prospect with stories.  Why?  Because data, despite what scientists may tell you, is boring.  Stories may the data come alive!

Whether you are trying to build a corporate or personal brand stories make your product or service easier for prospects to connect with as you tell real stories of real people and how the benefited from working with you.    

a few of our favorite conversations


#585 Sales Stories - with Tom Jackobs

You need two types of stories in your sales process. The first is your personal story which explains why you do what you do and the second is a story of results. How you helped someone achieve their goal.

#947 Selling the Dream with Jake Stahl

Build your story around your customer’s needs and desires. To create a compelling story, start with the “3 Whys” technique to uncover the dream outcome driving your customers decision.

#743 Stop Creating Content and Start Telling Stories with Kathleen Celmins

Tell stories with your clients, not you as the hero. In the “story” focus on their transformation, how they changed as a result of working with you.

#945 Storytellers Have More Fun with Tom Ruwitch

It’s not just about regaling your own legendary origin story. It’s about understanding the journey your prospects want to take.