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Guest: Shaun McAndrew

A Complete Offer

Episode #87 -July 4, 2023

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You have a great product. That’s wonderful. But a product by itself is not enough to guarantee success. Shaun McAndrew believes you need to build a complete offer where you integrate a combination of the product, be it hardware and or software, with the technology, the internet of things, AI and machine learning, with the data analytics and services needed to build a single package that aligns to customer outcomes.

our guest Shaun McAndrew

Shaun is a Navy Veteran, the VP of Business Development for The Service Design Group and keynote speaker.  Shaun honed her leadership skills as a helicopter pilot and Commanding Officer in the U.S. Navy before diving headfirst into conveying the stories that build business relationships and create personal transformations.

Shaun served in numerous leadership capacities during her Navy tenure.  She commanded a helicopter squadron, HSM-41, that was recognized as the most effective production squadron in the Navy.  She spent the final six years of her Naval career in higher education developing leadership skills in thousands of future officers.​

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