Everyone wants to be on page one as customers search Google for a business like theirs. Unfortunately, there are often millions of possible options. So how do you move to the top of the page? Search engine optimization strategies help you organize information on your website and present it to the search engines in a logical manner.
This is not as easy as it sounds because the search engines continually change the rules, and your competitors are working just as hard to be on page one as your are.
This conversation is with Andrew Gouty, CEO of Rella SEO,  about ways small business owners can implement SEO strategies without breaking the bank.
Since 2009, Rella SEO has established its presence as a go-to internet marketing firm. Andrew is a firm believer in turning his clients into makers and providers. So if the topic makes you want to pull your hair out, tune in this week to hear Andrew chat with us about SEO for small business.
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