A few years ago we developed a web site for Marietta Financial Services.  The WordPress template gave them an easy to update foundation and they were happy with the upgrade.  Now they are ready for the next step, blogging and social media to increase traffic to their website.

We have started slowly, creating several blog posts on the same topic – Tax Planning – to establish their position with search engines before the season begins. Fortunately, they have some terrific content we can use as source material for the posts.

While informative, these posts don’t really give visitors any insight into how much owner, Larry Marietta, really knows on the subject.  Too busy to write content, we have decided to try a strategy of interviews, where he shares tips on a specific topic.

This is the first one in the series.  It was recorded on my iPhone and took just a few minutes to edit using Audacity.  Simple to do, the podcast adds a new dimension to his blog.
Take a few minutes to listen to his suggestions on tax planning.