It’s simple – you want to get noticed and be successful. The number one goal for any small business owner is recognition and exposure for their brand. Breaking through the noise and putting yourself in front of the right potential customers takes careful planning and a bit of innovation. How can you leverage new and unique opportunities to stay ahead of the game and stand out in the crowd?
This week, your hosts dive into the topic of standing out with both content and advertising. What tactics can you use to differentiate yourself from top competitors? Are there communication channels you can afford to use that competitors have yet to explore? Are you making bold enough decisions with the voice, tone and direction of your content marketing? Listen to find out!

  • It’s fine to swim against the current to stand out. Be firm in your opinions.
  • Add to the news of the day, don’t just parrot the hottest talking points.
  • Include personal experiences. Tell your audience how you dealt with a situation in a way only your business can.

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