Growing up in NY the highest compliment you could pay someone, was to say they were “Street Smart.”  This indicated the individual knew how to get things done, with a common sense, no nonsense approach to life.  This same common sense approach makes  Street Marketing ideal for the small business owner looking to create a big impression on a limited budget.  Street Marketing is built on the same foundation as traditional marketing; clear goals, concise description of a target customer and a well thought out plan.

The Difference is a Matter of Focus!

Unless you have the marketing budget of Coca Cola or McDonalds, you don’t really have sufficient funds to support a true mass market campaign, one that reaches all consumers.  Savvy Street Marketers narrow down their audience to people who are most likely to buy. They spend marketing dollars reaching a concentrated group several times, rather than trying to touch everyone once.
One of the traps small business owners fall into when they bring their marketing to the web, is failing to keep this focus in mind.  It is easy and cheap to distribute your message everywhere, forgetting that different customers have different communication preferences.  Instead of trying to master all the tools, pick the ONE that is most relevant to your target customer and master it!
That was just one of my suggestions to the audience at the At the Top panel discussion hosted by Rhoda Israelov of Say it For You.