“Take the Overwhelm Out of Social Media”

episode #615 –  July 8, 2021

GUEST: Tamay Shannon | W2S Marketing

One of the tricks to success is social media is to go where prospects will be receptive to your message.  It is not just about where they hang out, but where they want to hear from you

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Social media used to be fun and games. But if you’re doing it for your business sometimes it’s a little stressful. Our guest Tamay Shannon says it doesn’t have to be if you know how to approach it.

She says much of the stress comes from the overwhelming feeling you get when you try to decide what to say or how to say something. Business owners also feel stress as they wonder if  they are saying the right thing.

But all those questions and worries distract from what is really important, consistency. Even if the content isn’t perfect consistency is what will bring you clients.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.  Even things that might now have worked a few years ago, might work now.  Social media is always changing, the algorithms are always changing, so try and try again. 


our guest tamay shannon

Tamay Shannon is the founder of W2S Marketing. Where 2 Start Marketing was created especially to serve small businesses. Social Media doesn’t have to be hard, ineffective, or time-consuming. Tamay Shannon takes the overwhelm out of social media for small businesses. It can be an integral and money-making part of your marketing mix.

She’s been in business for over 10 years helping small businesses get the brand exposure they deserve without the hassle.

Tamay Shannon

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