How interested are prospective customers when they come to your website or enters your physical retail store?  If they are simply, “just browsing” you must use their visit as an opportunity to peak their curiosity in something you have to sell or share.
In this episode, Lorraine and Jarred continue their conversation on moving leads through your sales process. They discuss identifying interest among your visitors through a variety of behaviors, including resource downloads, phone calls, and email inquiry. You’ll also learn how to follow-up with interested leads getting them closer to a sale.

  • Interest doesn’t just come from downloads. Track how many people call you or email you directly, too.
  • Send specific, targeted drip campaigns to your multiple lead groups to increase your rate of conversion.
  • Don’t forget about direct mail. Physical mail is a great way to show you care about an interested lead.

More than a Few Words is a weekly podcast discussing marketing topics for small business
Treat every page on your website like a landing page.  Make sure there is a logical next step on every page of your website.  It may be an offer to sign up for your newsletter, watch a video, fill out a form, or simply a link to another related page.  Whatever you choose, make sure it is actually a logical next step moving the prospect closer to buying from you.
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