Work Smarter Not Harder

As a small business owner there is always so much to do and never enough time to get it all done. We are not born productive, but we can learn and practice skills needed to get more done in less time.  

To help us get our time under control we have turned to several experts who have offered lots of practical time management tips you can apply to bring order to the chaos of your life.  While their approaches vary, the one unifying idea is that you manage your time, it shouldn’t manage you.

a few of our favorite conversations

David Ruel - Effic

Get More Done By Noon

How would you plan your day if you could only work until noon?

Sagan Morrow - time management tips

Get More Done in Less Time

Mix tasks which sap our energy with those that give you a boost.

Sam von Tobel

New Science of Time Management

Time is not a resource that can be bought, sold, traded, or saved. 

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about the show

It started as a conversation with friends. When someone would drop by Roundpeg, Lorraine would pull out her iPhone and record a bit of banter. From those first, informal interactions with local marketing professionals, authors, and entrepreneurs, More than a Few Words, a marketing podcast was born.

Over the last decade, we’ve experimented with lots of formats including 30-minute live episodes, complete with a call-in number and a real-time Twitter feed. There were half-baked marketing ideas, conversations with marketing celebrities, lots of laughs, and good information along the way.

Today, the ten-minute conversations are heard by business owners around the world looking for practical tips and a little bit of marketing inspiration.


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