“Sales Stories”

episode #585  April 22, 2021

GUEST: Tom Jackobs  | The Impact Pilot

Everyone loves a good story but how do you create one to help you sell?

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Stories are a valuable element in building your personal brand, marketing your business, and as you will discover today, they can add value in your sales process too.

As our guest Tom Jackobs explains  your need two types of stories in  your sales process.  The first is your personal story which explains why  you do what you do and the second is a story of results. How you helped someone achieve their goal. 

Want to write your own sales stories? Grab a copy of his Impact Story Workbook:   



our guest tom jackobs

Tom Jackobs is known as the Impact Pilot for helping business owners sell their services better through public speaking training and a unique sales process which incorporates questions that sell and stories that sell.

Tom Jackobs

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