“Twitter Chats”

episode #320 – May 11 2018

GUEST: Carol Stephen / Your Social Media Works

Everyone has a story to tell. Learning how to tell yours is an important business strategy. Listen now!

the episode

Why should you consider participating in Twitter Chats? Twitter is a social network, which means that you should be interacting with other people and brands.
One of the best ways to have a conversation and meet new like-minded Twitter users is by joining Twitter chats. These chats use a #Hashtag to help participants engage with each other and keep the discourse going.

Lorraine and her guest Carol Stephen connected online during one of these chats. While these two women have never met face to face they feel as if they know each other because of the #DigiBlogChat held every Tuesday at 4:00 PM Eastern time.

Listen to their conversation and then mark your calendar to join the chat next Tuesday.

our guest

As a seasoned solopreneur, who used social media to promote a professional organizing business, Carol Stephen is at the top of her field. Parlaying her infectious smile with her resilient work ethic she created several successful campaigns through Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Linkedin.

Colleagues, business owners, and experts within Social Media have noticed that Carol has been navigating uncharted territory, redefining success and what it requires to maintain that success within a company run by one Director, Copywriter, and Account Specialist.

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