I loved the website we launched in September of 2013. So why did we completely update and overhaul our theme just a year later? These days a year is a long time in the life of a website and although it looked good, it lacked flexibility on some of the interior pages. Also there are so many cool new tools and features we are building into sites for our clients, and I wanted some of them on our site as well.

Fortunately, our website is built in WordPress, so swapping the theme didn’t require rebuilding a lot of our existing content. I could have the new features on my wish list, without a complete overhaul. Learn about some of the enhancements we made, without giving up the design we loved. Listen as Jarred and I share helpful ways to improve your website without a total reconstruction project.

  • While our tweaks might look major, they really aren’t. WordPress has been a blessing by making our improvements easy to implement.
  • Moving to a more visual layout is crucial in today’s internet world as more and more users access your site on mobile devices.
  • Our landing pages look better than ever, as we were able to remove our reliance on plug-ins and use WordPress to develop beautiful layouts.

More than a Few Words is a weekly podcast discussing marketing topics for small business