Great Content

How to Write and Share Great Content to Build Great Connections.

We all write blog posts hoping someone will read it. We share exciting stories, industry news and showcase our expertise. Our content plan is the front line of customer interaction, and it’s great when we reach our audience. Every now and then you get a bonus when someone likes something you have written enough to share excerpts on their website. If the website that shares your content has high traffic and authority in its field, the link that is built is worth its weight in gold.
In this episode, Lorraine and Jarred discuss how businesses can use their content to build powerful connections with reputable websites to improve their visibility on the web. They share tips on expanding your ability to be shared on the web by writing on an array of content topics and reaching out to trusted thought leaders.

  • Keep your content varied and interesting. Cast a wide net to get noticed. – Even if you have a single produce line look for ways to bring variety to your blog, web site or social media profile. Add stories about individual employees or employee accomplishments, industry trends or regulations. An authoritative piece on the subject is likely to be noticed by news sources and others in the industry.
  • Reciprocate with high quality mentions and shares. Look for information which will be of interest to your audience. Write collection posts which feature information you find on other websites  Don’t forget to include a trackback to the original website. This will let the author know you are mentioning them and they are more likely to notice you and perhaps link to your blog too.
  • Leverage relationships you build with subject authorities- ask if you can guest blog or be featured in a piece of content.

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