Customers will always have complaints and inquiries about your services or products- it’s all part of doing business. In the modern age of smartphones and the Internet, your clients are only a few mouse clicks away from asking you questions or blasting your brand on Facebook and LinkedIn.
Do you have a strategy in place to engage with your audience and help solve their issues using new media?
This week, we talk about how social media can be used as another tool for customers service. Using real world examples of customer service horror stories and triumphs, we’ll show you how business owners have the power to instantly make or break their brand trust. There are also a few tips on how to work this social strategy into your company’s routine.

  • Plan to be responsive and alert on social media- you never know when you’ll have a chance to resolve customer issues and build trust.
  • Everyone is your business is a customer service representative- make sure your employees know how to represent your brand on social.
  • Ask satisfied customers to kindly close the loop and let their social networks know you were helpful.

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