Your website is the core of your marketing. 

Your online marketing program may include social media, video and online advertising, but your website is the hub of your marketing.  It is the one place where you can completely control the conversation with prospects, customers and referral partners.

So how does your site stack up/  We have had some great conversations about web design over the years. Here are a few of our favorites. 

a few of our favorite web design conversations

Wayne Mullins

#581 Capture the Attention of Webs Visitors

It isn’t enough to drive traffic to your website.  You need to engage visitors when they arrive.

Sam moss

#494 Five Common Web Design Mistakes

Bold call to actions show prospects you’re confident in what you do

douglas karr 2019 300.png.256x256 q100 crop smart

#372 Don't Hire a Web Designer

If you are not ready, don’t hire a web designer.  The results will not be what you want. 

Sam von Tobel

#498 Why Web Copy Matters

Start with a good sitemap to help you set priorities for your web copy. 

does your website answer these five questions?

People come to your website with questions, lots of them. Are you ready with the answers? Here are five questions every website should be prepared to answer.

What do you do.

Before you start developing clever quotes, slick graphics, and lots of amazing animation be sure your site starts with a clear description of what you  When a prospective customer comes to your website, they need to know what you do so they know if they are in the right place,

Why should I care?

IAs you introduce your product or service, skip the long feature descriptions and tell prospects how your product or service will solve their problem, or make their life better. Think about your product or service through the eyes of a customer. Which features or elements will be important to them.

How do you do what you say you do?

Talk briefly about your company and you solution unique. introduce your team by talking about their experience, credentials, and skills. This question also gives you a chance to talk about your process and how that is different from your competitors.

Why should I believe you?

Win trust with proof such as testimonials which describe your company in the language of a customer.  Also think about case studies which detail the customer’s problem, your solution and the results.

What’s Next?

As you lead visitors through your website, don’t leave them hanging. Make sure each page has a clear next step which keeps them engaged and eventually drives them to buy.


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