No one designs a website to deliberately turn off clients, prospects, and search engines, but all too often that is the end result.  In this intimate workshop, we will review the most common mistakes web designers and small business owners make.  The working session will include general tactics and a review of your website.  We will evaluate: navigation, copy, animation, pictures, page titles, keywords, and much more.
Want to learn more? Join us for the next session of :  Why Prospects Hate Your Website. 
Wednesday, Aug. 3rd from 8:00 – 9 AM
Offices of  Trustpointe, 6666 E. 75th Street, North Indianapolis, IN
The session is limited to 8 people.

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Recently, Jay Mattingly and I were discussing this topic during a taping of More than a Few Words. You can listen to the interview here:

This session is offered at no charge by Roundpeg, an Indianapolis web design firm.  To see examples of effective web designs, check out our web design portfolio